For more than 25 years, Alignment Strategies, Inc. (ALS) has provided end-to-end, innovative and customized workplace solutions that deliver tangible, quantifiable results for our clients – some of the world’s largest and most influential global companies.

Known for our proprietary tools and capabilities, we offer you expertise in:

Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

  • Using customized, targeted interventions focused on retention, development and advancement of multicultural woman and men, we help you create the value proposition and establish the business case for diversity, inclusion, and engagement.
  • Using financial metrics, illustrating the bottom line impact, we answer the all-important question: What’s the benefit of diversity, inclusion and engagement to your organization and employees?

Culture Change and Team Acceleration

  • We take the best ideas from traditional organizational development models, combining them with customized processes, creating organic solutions for your organization’s unique needs.
  • Using both macro- and micro-focused tools, diagnostics and assessments, we help you accelerate the evolution of high-performing teams that make significant contributions at every level.

Business Incubators and Customized Applications

  • We develop an innovative prototype of the diversity and inclusion change initiative, and then test the models and constructs, evaluating the impact and ability to make significant change.
  • After we assess the most impactful elements, we create a strategy to scale it up for the entire organization to impact change on macro level. Leaders are involved first-hand, allowing them to cultivate diversity and inclusion competencies and skills throughout the process.

Leadership and Supervisory Development and Skills Enhancement

  • Using hands on techniques and tools, we equip your managers and supervisors with practical and actionable skills that help them successfully navigate diversity, inclusion and engagement.
  • Through real-time coaching and feedback, we help employees become better leaders supporting them in developing the behaviors they need to meet strategic goals and metrics, and demonstrate authentic accountability to their teams.