Case Studies A: Retention of Females in Sales


Business Situation

Intervention Strategy

Implementation Strategy

  • High Turnover
  • Development, Advancement Problematic
  • Multi-cultural Women Impatient and Demanding Results
  • Entrenched Culture
  • Relationship Enhancement: RCP
  • Supervisor Diversity Competency
  • Leadership Alignment
  • HR System/Tools Alignment
  • Multi-Cultural Women Competency Development
  • Focus on New Hires and Entry Level
  • Engage Immediate Supervisors
  • Gain support and direction from HR and Senior Leaders

Intervention Results

Year 1 Year 5
 Turnover Rate 29%  5%
 High-at-Risk to Leave  25% 2%
 Low-at-Risk to Leave  37% 84%

Company A: Reduced Turnover Rates

Case Study B: Talent Development Process (TDP)

Business Situation

  • Lack executive pipeline of Multicultural Talent
  • Development, Advancement Problematic for Multicultural Talent beyond level 2
  • Attrition, Not Motivator
  • Multicultural Talent Not Demanding
  • Entrenched Culture
  • Multicultural Only Focus, Political Bombshell

Solution: TDP Components

  1. Training & Development
    • Live workshops
    • Webinars
    • Assessments
    • Team Building
  2. Relationship Management: Relationship Calibration Process (RCP) ™
  3. Team & Individual Coaching
  4. Capstone Project

Results: TDP Participants Feedback

Results: Component 1- TDP Workshops

CASE STUDY C: Customized Intervention
Development and Advancement of Hispanic Leadership




Improve the annual performance of Hispanic Executives in the target group
  • 79% of Supervisors reported a measurable increase in participants’ annual contribution
  • 78% of Supervisors reported an increase in participants’ creativity and problem solving
Prepare targeted Hispanic Executives to take on broader responsibility
  • 20% of target Hispanic Executives promoted
  • 11% of target Hispanic Executives placed in developmental assignments
 Increase representation of Hispanic Female & Minority 1st and 2nd line Managers Increased representation to 55%

  • Hispanic Females from 28% to 32%
  • Minority Executives from 18% to 23%
Increase High Potentials exposure to senior leadership Over 90% of Multi-cultural participants met with at least one member of the Executive Council

Case Study D: Leadership Development & Coaching

Key Findings: P.I.E./P.I.E. Enhancers & Deraillers


TDP Objective


Building skills and competencies
  • Placing more emphasis on “Image” and “Exposure”
  • Identify trends and behaviors that are impacting their career
  • Working with managers to address cultural archetypes that may be career Derailers
  • Using concept of Cultural Archetypes to effectively communicate with team members; become more proactive when understanding and addressing team dynamics
  • [M03] Managers are situationally coaching “their” direct reports on concepts learned
Enhance their leadership brand, expand networks and learn how to acquire mentorship and sponsorship
  • Building informal networks with others
  • Cross-functional team collaboration
  • Shadowing peers, to gain insight and expand knowledge
  • Leveraging work styles in different situations
  • [M03] Managers are situationally coaching “their” direct reports on concepts learned
Build diverse peer networks
  • Building informal networks others thru lunches, team gatherings, etc.
  • Seeking input from peers, to assess their Image
  • Shadowing peers