1900-1919 (African-Americans)
Mary McLeod Bethune

Mary McLeod Bethune opens schools for Negro Girls, Daytona FL.

Madam C.J. Walker

Madam C.J. Walker created her own line of black woman – friendly hair care products in 1905, thus becoming America's first successful black female millionaire


57 Blacks lynched.

Greek Life

Black Fraternities and Sororities formed.

Jack Johnson

In the height of the Jim Crow era, John Arthur "Jack" Johnson becomes the first African American world heavy weight boxing champion and held the title until 1915.

National Urban League

National Urban league founded.

Ida B.Wells

Ida B.Wells arrived in Washington D.C. with 60 other black women to march with the IL delegation of the National American Women Suffrage Association. They were told to march at the end of the parade, not with the IL delegation, so as not to upset the Southern delegates. Ida B. Wells feigned agreement, then joined the IL delegation from the crowd as it passed by with the support of two white co-suffragists.

The Great Migration

The great migration of African Americans from the South to Northern cities.

Anti-Lynching Parade

Nearly 10,000 African Americans and their supporters march down Manhattan’s 5th Ave in a silent “anti-lynching” parade organized by NAACP. First organized civil rights demonstration in the 20th century.

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey, a proponent of Black Nationalism, encourages Black Americans to return to their Africa.