1920-1929 (Women)
19th Amendment Ratified

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified, giving women the right to vote.

U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau

Congress establishes the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, the only federal agency that represents the needs of wage-earning women in the public policy process. It promotes the passage of legislation to protect working women.

19th Amendement Declared Constitutional

The 19th Amendment is declared constitutional by a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court.

Equal Rights Amendment Introduced

The U.S. Congress introduces the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) but the issue failed to gain significant support.

Nellie Taylor Ross

Nellie Taylor Ross becomes the first woman to serve as governor of a state, in Wyoming.

Marjorie Joyner

Marjorie Joyner, an African American woman, patents the permanent hair-waving machine.