1940-1949 (Asian/Pacific Islander)
Pearl Harbor

Japan attacks the US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. United States enters World War II. 

After the declaration of war on Japan, 2,000 Japanese community leaders along with the Pacific Coast states and Hawaii are rounded up and interned in Department of Justice camps.

Executive Order 9066 and Public Law 503

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066 authorizing the U.S. to forcibly remove Japanese from their homes and place in internment camps without an official trial and due process. 

Congress passes Public Law 503 to impose pen sanctions on anyone disobeying orders to carry out Executive Order 9066.

Magnum Act

Magnum Act repeals Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.  -After shooting of a Japanese person at Topaz Relocation Center, protests organized.

Hawaiian Nesei

Hawaiian Nesei in the 100th Battalion sent to Africa.

Chinese Exclusion Laws Repealed

Congress repeals all Chinese exclusion laws, grants right of naturalization, and a very small immigration quota to Chinese (105 per year).

Maggie Gee

One of the first Chinese American women pilots, Maggie Gee received her flight license and joined the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots.

442nd Regimental Combat Team

442nd Regimental combat team - most entirely Japanese American soldiers - becomes active and fights in WW2. 

Luce-Celler Bill

Luce-Celler Bill grants right of naturalization and small immigration quotas to Asian Indians and Filipinos. 

Wong F. Ong

Wong F. Ong becomes first Asian American elected to state office in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Philippines Independence

The Philippines becomes independent.

Filipino Citizenship

U.S. citizenship offered to all Filipinos in the United States, not just servicemen.

Mahatma Gandhi Assassinated

Mahatma Gandhi assassinated by Hindu extremists.

War Brides Act Amended

Amendment to 1945 War Brides Act allows Chinese American veterans to bring brides into the U.S.

Victoria Manalo Draves

Victoria Manalo Draves, a Filipino American woman won 2 gold medals in diving becoming the first Asian American woman to win Olympic gold.

U.S. Diplomacy with China

U.S. breaks off diplomatic ties with the newly formed People’s Republic of China. 

Chinese Refugees

5,000 highly educated Chinese in the U.S. granted refugee status after China institutes a Communist government.