1940-1949 (Hispanic/Latinx)
Color TV Component

Patented the “chromoscopic adapter for television equipment,” a device used to turn black and white TVs into color TVs

Temporary Mexican Agricultural Workers

Prompted by WW2, the U.S. govt makes an agreement with the Mexican govt to supply temporary workers for American agricultural work.

Zoot Suit Riots

Angry American soldiers in Southern California raid Hispanic neighborhoods looking for Mexican American men in zoot suits. These events start a series of events known as the ”zoot suit riots.”

Puerto Rican Migration

A post-war wave of Puerto Rican migration to the United States begins. More than one million Puerto Ricans live in New York City now — more than in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital.

Menendez vs. Westminster

8 yrs. before Brown vs. Board of Education, Mexican Americans in Orange County CA, win victory over California school districts in Menendez vs. Westminster, which found that “Mexican schools” are unconstitutional.

Jesus Pinero

The first Puerto Rican Governor, Jesus Pinero appointed by President Truman.

Puerto Rico Granted Self-Determination

The U.S. Congress allows Puerto Rico to elect its governors by popular vote; Muñoz Marín is elected to the first of four terms. His economic development program, Operation Bootstrap, industrializes and urbanizes the island through low wages and tax concessions to U.S. investors. The program also promotes migration to the mainland.