1990-1999 (African-American)
Sharon Pratt Dixon

Sharon Pratt Dixon is sworn in as the Mayor of Washington D.C., becoming the first black woman to serve as mayor of a major city.

Rodney King/L.A. Riots

LA riots were sparked when a jury acquitted 3 white and one Hispanic LA police officer of the beating of Rodney King. Prompted focus on police brutality and recognition of diverse views between issue.

Carol Mosley Braun

Carol Mosley Braun of Illinois becomes the first African American woman elected to the US Senate.

Dr. Height awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Civil Rights activist, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Clinton.

Toni Morrison Wins Nobel Prize

Toni Morrison is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature becoming the first African-American to win the highest literary honor in the world.

Nelson Mandela Elected President

South Africa holds the first elections in which all races vote. Nelson Mandela is elected President.

Million Man March

Million Man March organized by Louis Farrakhan in Washington DC.

Mae Jamison

Mae Jamison became the first African American woman astronaut to orbit the earth.

Alexis Herman

Alexis Herman, first Black woman appointed Secretary of Labo.

Tuskegee Apology

U.S. President Clinton makes a formal apology to Black men exploited in the U.S. Health Service Tuskegee Syphilis