1990-1999 (Hispanic/Latino)
Puerto Rico's Spanish Language Declaration

Puerto Rico declares Spanish the only official language of the island.

Torricelli Bill

Torricelli Bill, aka The Cuban Democracy Bill, tightens the U.S. embargo by prohibiting transactions between U.S. foreign subsidiaries and Cuba. UN condemns U.S. embargo of Cuba.

Puerto Rico as Commonwealth

Voters in Puerto Rico reaffirm Commonwealth status by a slim margin. English and Spanish are designated as the island's official languages.

Cuba Elections

Cuba holds first popular election since the Revolution.

Cuba/U.S. Immigration Agreement

Cuba signs an agreement with the US according to which the US agrees to admit 20,000 Cubans a year in return for Cuba halting the exodus of refugees.

California Prop 187 Approved

Voters approve California Proposition 187 which denies illegal immigrants benefits like public education, health care and other social services.

Puerto Rico Rejects Statehood

In a non-binding referendum, voters reject statehood once again, marking the third time in three decades that statehood has been rebuffed by Puerto Rican voters.

Victor Celorio

Victor Celorio invents and patents Instabook, a technology supporting e-book distribution.

Prop 187 Overturned

Proposition 187 is overturned 4 years later by U.S. District Court Judge who rules it is unconstitutional.

New York Puerto Rican Week

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announces that June 7-14 is Puerto Rican Week in New York City.