Custom Solutions to Drive Measurable Goals

At Alignment Strategies we partner with our clients to create customized, strategic, metrics-based solutions that achieve measurable, sustainable culture change and financial impact that exceeds the company’s investment. Our clients achieve greater outcomes that translate into business improvements such as increased employee engagement, retention productivity, safety, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Your In-House Interventionists

Alignment Strategies is more than a boutique management consulting firm. We’re a team of skilled, hands-on interventionists, committed to identifying your organization’s challenges and developing specific solutions to help you meet your objectives and reach your goals. We become members of your team, doing the heavy lifting to create and execute a customized intervention that delivers the desired outcome and offers sustainable business impact.

Our Six-Phase Approach

For each client, we apply a holistic multi-step approach to create a custom solution.
  • Phase 1 - Discovery

    Understand the value proposition. Obtain insight into the client’s organizational culture, environment, and business through collecting and analyzing data

  • Phase 2 - Strategic Framework

    Determine the focus and action items for the initiative.

  • Phase 3 - Initiative/Intervention Design

    Develop the tactical steps to execute the initiative

  • Phase 4 - Implementation

    Launch the interventions as part of the initiative

  • Phase 5 - Measurement

    Monitor and measure business performance

  • Phase 6 – Sustainability & Scalability

    Enable the client to expand initiative learnings across the enterprise and continue to employ the learnings beyond the end of the engagement.

Our Services


Alignment Strategies has more than three decades of management consulting experience, with an emphasis on Employee Engagement; Organizational Development; Talent & Leadership Development; Human Resources; and Assessment. Our consultants, who have worked within the organizations, client systems and industries we serve, bring on average 15 years of in-house, functional experience to our client engagements.

As your consulting partner, we can provide guidance on a host of business issues, including:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Development and Transformation
  • Employee Retention
  • Talent Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Labor Relations
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Training & Education

Whether in-person or virtual, our training and educational programs upskill work teams, leading to greater employee engagement and increased productivity. Our offerings are supplemented by detailed companion materials that ensure participants have ongoing access to the information presented during the training.

Our training focuses on four key areas:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Relationship Cultivation & Realignment
  • Personal Branding
  • Effective Communications

Frontline Employee Engagement

Irrespective of the industry, our work has shown that where there is a challenge enabling frontline employees to accept training from the corporate. We have a unique understanding of the psychology of frontline employees and how to work with organizations to empower this cohort to increase their participation, ownership, idea generation and business impact. Our work centers on the following areas:

  • Drivers of Safety
  • Operational Excellence
  • Inclusive Cultures
  • The Customer Experience

Case Study

Multinational Consumer Products Company

The Issue: Difficultly developing, advancing and retaining Multicultural women in sales.

The Solution: Focusing on new hires and entry-level workers and their immediate supervisors, we crafted an intervention that reduced attrition while leveraging our relationship-enhancement processes. With the support of human resources staff and senior leaders, we raised the diversity competency of both supervisors and Multicultural women.

The Results: Between Year One and Year Five, the company’s turnover rate for women in sales decreased nearly 83%, the number of those at high risk to leave the company decreased 92% and the number of those at low risk to leave increased 172%.

Assessments & Metrics

Successful organizational change requires an understanding of a company’s current state and the ability to identify opportunities for improvement. Our gold-standard assessment and diagnostic tools allow us to determine where an organization is currently thriving and uncover barriers preventing the company from achieving its goals. Our diagnostic process includes focus groups and interviews to determine the systemic root causes of a company’s challenges and identify the business areas and cohorts that should be involved to achieve meaningful change.

Media & Presentations

As subject-matter experts, we work with our collaborative partner, Diversity and Inclusion Television (DITV), to produce a range of media programming to support our consulting and training services. We are the executive producers of the “Workin’ It Out Podcast,” a weekly video and audio show that examines diversity, equity and inclusion issues in the workplace and in society and offers actionable steps for change. We also develop webcasts and videos to enhance our clients’ DE&I efforts. In addition, our CEO and consultants are DE&I thought leaders who are available to deliver in-house or conference keynote presentations.

Find out how Alignment Strategies can help you meet your goals.