Alignment Strategies partners with the following organizations in its diversity, equity and inclusion work.

Alignment Strategies serves as a pro-bono consultant and thought leader for INROADS. Our partnership with INROADS also allows us to provide our clients with access to a source for Multicultural interns and employees.

Diversity & Inclusion Television (DITV) leverages the power of media to address diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) issues in the workplace and in the world. Through a suite of original shows and podcasts, virtual live-streamed entertainment events, webcasts and training series, and partnerships with not-for-profits, DITV produces insightful engagements that stimulate meaningful conversations, enhance employee skills, create sustainable culture change and impact the bottom-line. DITV produces videos and virtual training events to support our client interventions and our weekly Workin’ It Out Podcast.

For more than 50 years, INROADS has been committed to increasing the number of racially and ethnically diverse employees in corporate management and changing the way these candidates gain entry into the business world..

Take On Race (ToR) is a coalition of like-minded companies that are committed to advancing racial equity in America. ToR aims to make a difference in six primary disruptor domains: Access to Accurate Media Portrayals, Access to Wealth, Access to Education, Access to Employment, Access to Health Care and Access to Social Justice. Through collective efforts, the coalition is working to change the socioeconomic environment and life experiences of people of color.

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