Dr. J. Bruce Stewart

Chief Content Officer

J. Bruce Stewart is Chief Content Officer at Alignment Strategies. [Add sentence about specific role and responsibilities here.] Bruce leverages his Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement experience to help executives identify the leadership implications for Inclusion and Engagement and the opportunities to enhance innovation and ingenuity to drive extraordinary results in safety, operational excellence and customer experience. 
As the former Deputy Director for Training, Compliance and Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Bruce was responsible for the coordinated implementation of the President’s Executive Order on Diversity and Inclusion. He developed the New Inclusion Quotient, which increases inclusion through five inclusive habits and was integrated in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. Bruce also developed the Game Changers course through which he trained the D&I personnel in each federal agency on the New Inclusion Quotient. 
Bruce retired as a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force in 2007, after 23 years of service. During his time with the Air Force, he was attached to the Special Operations, served as a Management Engineer, and was a Computer and Communications Commander. His last assignment was as the Air National Guard’s Director of Cultural Diversity Transformation. 
Bruce earned a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University and Master of Science in Computer Science from Friends University and has completed courses toward a Doctorate in Organizational Development. 

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