Janet Wigfield, MS

Vice President, Media & Virtual Events

I grew up in a small, White Midwestern town where difference was defined by religion. As a child, I witnessed the televised beating of Black Americans seeking rights I thought the end of slavery had provided. Years later, when I assumed that all was mended by the Voting Rights Act, I learned of the discrimination still faced by people of color. At the same time, I was coming out as a lesbian, and realized I had a keen interest in social justice.

I was pleasantly surprised, years after that, to learn the Corporate America was addressing these issues to recruit, retain and promote diverse people. I have been privileged to support the work that needs to be done to further these endeavors by applying my skills as an educator, manager and media producer.”

Janet Wigfield is a media production professional with more than 25 years of experience producing live and virtual events. At Alignment Strategies and its partner company, Diversity & Inclusion Television, she is responsible for the production of videos, podcasts and virtual events related to diversity and inclusion (D&I) training projects. This includes the “Workin’ It Out” audio and video podcasts, a monthly webcast for Edison Electric Institute called “Energizing DEI” and virtual events for clients such as INROADS and SHARE Cancer Support.

For more than 20 years, Janet developed D&I conference content for women, Multicultural women, working women and others as the VP, Executive Director of Working Mother Media’s Conferences+Events division. In 2020, she pivoted all of the company’s live in-person events to virtual engagements, making it possible for the company to maintain its event schedule despite the Covid-19 pandemic. She has also worked as a high school English Teacher, a program manager and video producer. Early in her career, she managed the City of Saint Paul’s Channel 18, creating programs for all of the city’s departments, the mayor’s office and City Council.

Janet earned a Bachelor of Science in Speech, Communications and English from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Science in Public Administration from NYU Wagoner Graduate School of Public Service.

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