James P. Pfautz, MBA

Senior Consultant

I have devoted my life to diversity, equity, inclusion and access. I am a retired Navy Commander from a military family and I have sworn an oath to protect equality and fairness for all. Blending my military engineering acumen with diversity and inclusion principles, I was able to create an IDEA Enterprise Social Network application that uses those principles to measure, monitor and maximize employee Engagement and team performance. In these chaotic times, facilitating, training and leading efforts to infuse Inclusion and Diversity for measured mission impact gives me hope for a brighter, better tomorrow.”

Jim P. Pfautz is a Senior Consultant with Alignment Strategies. In his work, he applies his diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) skills to help leaders understand workforce attributes like engagement, communication, trust and culture, which are commonly viewed as soft and difficult to define. Jim has leveraged this expertise to help major utility companies identify how these aspects can drive safety, operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Jim has trained diversity and inclusion personnel at the U.S. Office of Nuclear Energy on the New Inclusion Quotient, which helps agencies increase inclusion across the workforce. He has also led multiple initiatives across Services, Environmental Operations and Scheduling functions for major utility companies that have resulted in increased engagement throughout all groups.

Among his major career accomplishments, Jim created software to reduce enterprise-wide risk by providing visibility into corporate cultures. His original product delivered culture-changing results for a top secret nuclear submarine production line and a billion-dollar automobile plant. In addition, over a four-year period, Jim transformed a multimillion-dollar systems analysis and process-improvement effort at the U.S. Navy that was used by the Secretary of Defense to reduce an estimated $3 billion annual loss due to human-generated risk.

Jim has received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the United States Naval Academy, Joint Professional Military Education from the Naval War College and a Master of Business Administration, specialty in Organizational Leadership and Analytics, from the University of Phoenix. Additionally, he is professionally certified in Advanced Project Management and is a Certified Quality Manager and Leadership Facilitator.

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