Alignment Strategies is a consultancy with over three decades of expertise in diversity management, employee engagement, organizational development and human resources. Dr. Vanessa J. Weaver, founder and CEO, is renowned for her innovations in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

At Alignment Strategies we pride ourselves in:

  • Customizing DEI solutions with positive ROI
  • Creating customized, strategic, sustainable, metrics-based solutions
  • Providing experienced consultants averaging more than 15-yrs
  • Producing engaging virtual training and networking events
  • Expanding DEI Thought-leadership via Cable TV, podcasts, social media

Our work is supported by DITV [Diversity & Inclusion Television] an Alignment Strategies subsidiary that delivers impactful creative content to stimulate meaningful conversations related to DEI.



Alignment Strategies’ views DE&I as a business and organizational enabler. Thus, the end-result is not the diversity intervention or training, but how it moved the needle on Employee Engagement, which we define as “discretionary effort.”

Thus, we measure how enhanced Employee Engagement translates into key success indicators for our client, such as:

  • Profitable revenue
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased innovation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Employee retention

Our metrics isolate the mpact of DE&I drivers in contributing to those results.

Below are the results of two client Employee Engagement interventions that impacted their key performance indicators.

Client A: Utility Company

Client B: Consumer Products, Sales Division


With DITV as part of our business portfolio, we can create videos to enhance the delivery of our interventions.

See three video samples below:

The Energizer

Alignment Strategies specializes in customized cultural and organizational transformation initiatives that leverage DE&I to have a measurable, sustainable impact. The Energizer video, featuring Robert Schimmenti, (former) Senior Vice President of Con Edison Electric Operations, details the vision behind the DE&I initiative Alignment Strategies created in partnership with the utility company.


With Diversity & Inclusion Television as part of our business portfolio, we are able to create videos to enhance the delivery of our interventions. Our interventions also support training an internal cadre of employees to deliver the materials to their internal teams. Upon completing the Train-the-Trainer process, they are able to cascade the training to the lower levels of the organization.

Meaningful Conversations

Our Meaningful Conversations intervention has a successful track record in mitigating Unconscious Bias and improving Psychological Safety within our client organizations. This training is supported by videos and customized companion guides.


Our interventions also support training an internal cadre of employees to deliver the materials to their teams. Upon completing the Train-the-Trainer process, they can cascade the training to the lower levels of the organization with the support of our guides.


Alignment Strategies offers live and 24/7 virtual learning opportunities to support and advance our clients’ diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Alignment Strategies offers a suite of virtual diversity, equity and inclusion-focused resources that companies can employ to support their DE&I efforts. Our products include live, virtual workshops and events; on-demand training sessions; and audio and video podcasts. Companies can have their employees participate in individual, independent virtual training. Additionally, company-selected employees can participate in Train-the-Trainer training that would allow them to instruct employees within their organization. Upon finishing the course, participants can obtain a certificate of completion.


Workin’ It Out is a weekly cable television program available on the District Knowledge Network reaching 250,000 viewers in the DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia areas. You can also find these episodes on YouTube.

On Workin’ It Out, Alignment Strategies’ founder and CEO Dr. Vanessa Weaver explores the DEI challenges that arise at work, in our communities and in our personal lives. Interviews with thought leaders provide insights, perspectives, and actionable steps to affect real-life change.

Listen to audio versions at Workin’ It Out Podcast and on Apple PodcastSpotifyGoogle PodcastsAmazon Music, and Stitcher.

Excerpts of the episodes are also shared on Alignment Strategies’ blog: DE&I Perspectives.


Dr. Weaver leverages more than 30 years of diversity, equity and inclusion experience to pen articles for Alignment Strategies’ blog and publications produced by partner organizations.


Alignment Strategies partners with companies and organizations to develop compelling live virtual events.

Getting Our Fair SHARE: 2021 Conference to End Health Disparities

Getting Our Fair SHARE: 2021 Conference to End Health Disparities addressed systemic bias seeded in the healthcare of women with female cancers by bringing together patients, patient advocates, healthcare providers, corporations and pharmaceutical companies. The two-day event examined research-identified issues including patient navigation, community engagement and policy change.

Game On: DIB Conference for Utility Leaders

The DIB Conference for Utility Leaders was a virtual event designed to improve organizational performance, employee productivity, customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness at Entergy, an electric utility company. The one-day engagement featured sessions about unconscious bias and employee engagement.