Diversity & Inclusion Management
  • D&I Strategy and Strategic Plans
  • Diagnostics and Assessments
  • Customized D&I Interventions and initiatives
  • D&I Competency Models and Assements: Supervisors & Leadership
  • Specialization: Multicultural Women and Men , Generational, Sexual Orientation
Culture Change and Team Acceleration
  • Customized Large and Small Scale Culture Change Initiatives
  • Proprietary Organization Development Models and Processes
  • Culture Diagnostics
  • Team Effectiveness Diagnostics
  • Team and Employee Engagement Models and Approaches
  • High Performing Teams
  • Successful Team Leadership for Supervisors and Managers
Business Incubators and Customized Applications

Incubators: Real-time demonstrations applying models/approaches for team integration/creation, to drive business impact

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership Development
  • OD Models and Concepts

Customized Applications: Unique approaches addressing client’s business and    organizational needs

  • Relationship Cultivation
  • Retention: Multicultural and Generational
  • Generational Challenges
  • Organizational Culture
  • Career Mobility and Pipeline
  • Leadership Development: Support, Advocacy and Sponsorship (SAS)


Based in Washington, D.C., Alignment Strategies, LLC (ALS) is a boutique management consulting firm. Our primary objective is to assist organizations to implement comprehensive and strategic organizational transformations.

Our business model is designed to respond to each client’s unique and evolving needs.
For over 25 years, ALS has been one of the country’s leading organization development firms, providing clients with effective business solutions.

Our expertise helps our clients to achieve superior business results through strategic and large-scale organizational transformations and leadership development.


• Its all about the "R"elationships
• Strive for “E”xcellence
• Clients “S”peak, we listen and respond
• “P”assionate about delivering the very best service
• “E”mbrace risk
• “C”ommitted to continuous improvement in all things
• “T”enacious about meeting commitments with integrity