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For nearly 30 years, Alignment Strategies (ALS) has partnered with our clients to understand their unique needs, offering customized, strategic, metrics-based solutions, high-touch support and guidance, creating measurable, sustainable culture change and positive return on investment.

ALS Team

Led by founder and CEO, Dr. Vanessa Weaver, PhD, one of the world’s leading experts on diversity, inclusion and engagement (DI&E), we bring extensive Organizational Development, Human Resources and DI&E expertise, plus an average 15 years of “in house” skills, to our client interventions. Having worked within the types of organizations we serve, we offer our clients a unique “walked in your shoes” perspective.

Who We Serve

Our clients represent a wide array of Fortune 500 companies from industries including consumer products, financial and professional services, utilities, healthcare, technology and the Federal Government. They are routinely named to exclusive lists such as Diversity Inc.’s Top 50, HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, Best Companies for Women and Best Companies for Multicultural Men/Women.

How We Drive Value

Our expertise lies in our innovative one size DOES NOT fit all approach, that leverages our proprietary 3Ts – Training, Technology and Tri-Media, designed to achieve our clients’ business goals.

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We Get Results

Innovative Business Practices & Cost Savings with a Diverse Capstone Team (Defense Contractor)

  • Reorganization fosters integration and collaboration between X and Y requirements
  • 5% estimated savings over the next 3 years, resulting from X reorganization and efficiencies (5% of $320M=$16M)
  • Working with division X to better manage supplier quality
  • Learned processes to minimize headcount
  • Estimated 5-15% savings to that $320M ($16M to $48M) associated with continued material improvements in conjunction with the new organization and process efficiencies
  • Better program material performance accuracy
  • Training personnel for better performance and analysis

3 T's - Training • Technology • Tri-Media


  • Impacts retention, development and advancement
  • Enhances DI&E skills for Managers, Supervisors and Executives
  • Creates a measurable value proposition
  • Builds bridges across populations, optimizing talent management
  • Offers ongoing monitoring & analytics


  • Unique proprietary assessments, diagnostic tools & software
  • Enhances training, drives individual/team insights, and engages/connects populations
  • Improves relationships, disseminates DI&E messages throughout organizations and provides metrics on demand
  • Ensures training lessons are sustained and implemented
  • Creates a virtual community to share experiences


We offer a trifecta of interactive media channels to train, inform and connect with employees:

Diversity & Inclusion Television

  • A dynamic, web-based news and information platform
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Saves thousands of dollars vs. traditional training
  • Provides scalable, easy deployment, tracking and metrics

Workin’ It Out Radio

  • Airs weekly on SiriusXM Channel 141
  • Helps listeners overcome D&I related challenges at work
  • Provides opportunities to sponsor or appear as guests, showcasing an organization’s commitment to D&I

Leader/Employee Webinars

  • Connects Employees, Managers and Executives, located anywhere in the world, via interactive, web-based meetings

Our Clients

Unites States Capitol Police
Con Edison
Goldman Sachs
Johnson & Johnson
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
PRoctor & Gample
Freddie Mac
Working MOther
Fannie Mae

The ALS Team

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